Amazon Looking To Set Alexa Free Beyond Its Smart Home UseAmazon Looking To Set Alexa Free Beyond Its Smart Home Use

Users of Alexa use the digital assistant by Amazon to turn on lights, change TV channels and a host of other activities however most of these activities are centered inside the home of the users.

For many users in the US, there is an option of using the Alexa app on their iPhones which is tightly controlled by Apple. The digital assistant however cannot be summoned with the regular Alexa function and most users use it by tweaking the settings.

On Android, although the users get better facilities where Alexa can be used as their default assistant but it is difficult to summon the assistant with a wake word

For all the advancements that Amazon has made with Alexa, it is still seen mostly as an assistant which stays inside the house of the user however if current signs are to be believed Amazon is looking forward to setting Alexa free.

Amazon’s hardware event last year include a microwave that was powered by Alexa, there are reports that Amazon is working on earbuds that would be Alexa powered which would be a major move beyond the smart home where it has its domination.

Amazon is also stumbling into car integration with Echo Auto but the earbuds will be a major way to expand the usage of Alexa. The earbuds will also according to reports be useful in tracking distances, and counting pace.

Apart from earbuds, Amazon may soon unveil a health-tracking band that can be worn.  It was reported earlier in the year that the company is trying to make a bracelet that can interpret the emotional state of the wearer based on their voice. The band is said to have Alexa integration as well.

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