Amazon recently modified how Alexa on Fire TV may access your content.

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, is frequently changed to provide users new and maybe entertaining experiences on their smart speakers or displays. It has successfully competed with companies like Google, Alibaba, and Baidu while dominating the worldwide smart speaker industry in terms of shipments since 2016. The firm is streamlining voice command access to customers’ libraries and introducing an interactive quiz game with one of the most badass, kickass actors of all time in its most recent round of new features.

Customers may now more quickly access their library by telling their Fire TV to “Alexa, show me My Stuff,” which is now referred to as the “My Stuff” section. In a matter of seconds, they will have access to their whole personalised collection of watch lists, music playlists, and movie libraries. Even though it’s not a significant change, let’s be honest: many of us prefer saying “my stuff” than “library.” Things are things. It serves as an option for people whose Fire TV stick remote’s buttons give them trouble.

Additionally new, fans can now test their familiarity with renowned actor Samuel L. Jackson in a fun interactive session on Alexa. In December 2019, the artist launched Alexa’s celebrity voice programme. She is now able to provide weather updates and movie recommendations. Users can now ask Alexa to play a game of trivia with Samuel L. Jackson, and the actor will respond by giving them information about his life and career. For a limited time, Alexa users in the US can access this trivia for free.

Customers, however, have not been happy with yet another prospective change to Alexa. In order to comfort consumers after a loved one passes away, Amazon has been working on a function that might imitate the voices of the deceased. Although the intentions behind these adjustments may be positive on the surface, they may end up being quite intrusive, stressful, and perhaps even outright manipulative. Even if voice technology has countless advantages, some things are better left unaffected.

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