Apple Offers Safe Digital World; Albeit For A PriceApple Offers Safe Digital World; Albeit For A Price

Apple has always been known for its luxurious products. So when it comes to digital security, the company’s offering is again quite expensive.

Unlike the gold-plated smartphones and the $1500 worth iPhone, the company is offering paramount privacy to Apple digital security users.

In a grand event which was held on Monday, the Apple executives along with some celebrities informed people how the brand is trying to ensure a secure digital life. Review and verification of people, recommendations on content, and privacy of the family are some of the topics which were discussed at the meeting.

The executives also ensured that their new digital product might even help consumers prevent their kids from watching inappropriate content.

Oprah Winfrey informed at the stage event that this is one of the best opportunities when people can rise to their best selves and have a perfect combination of humanity and technology.

When people are becoming more and more skeptical about the internet (Facebook scams, threatening videos of children on YouTube and live-streamed shooting on other social media platforms are causing the concern), Apple is making a unique promise.

The brand had a simple pitch for its costly digital subscriptions, which stated that data security will not be compromised at any level.

One such amazing Apple subscription promoted at the event was the Apple News.

It comes in numerous magazines besides generic news articles. In addition to this, Apple has editors who are going to curate content for the readers. There is also a video streaming subscription that states, that content showcased on the channel will be suitable for a family watch.

Another amazing service about to come from Apple is a gaming subscription which will not ask for any data from the user. Tim Cook, who is the CEO for Apple said these services are designed keeping data privacy in mind.

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