Blue launches its wireless headphones with noise canceling and inbuilt amplifiernew featuresBlue launches its wireless headphones with noise canceling and inbuilt amplifiernew features

Technology advancement is boosting the expectations of the users due to its magnificent development in the consumer electronics segment.

The future-based designs and functioning of the gizmos enable the user to adopt the technology rapidly. And when it’s about experiencing music, people are ever-ready to experience the latest device.

California-based Blue Microphones Company, which makes recording tools, music accessories, and other music-related devices for the professional, has launched its first set of wireless headphones.

Sounds proficient looking at its range of products right?

Its previous launched gadgets such as Mo-Fi and Lola were a huge success. And now the company has come up with a wireless headphone

The new wireless headphones’ key highlighted features are its inbuilt amp coupled with 44 mm drivers separately in both the end and the noise-canceling features assembled in each cup.

The design is much similar to the previously launched devices., just some enhancements in the looks give the product a royal look. The overall size is a bit slimmed down compared to the earlier model. It can be folded for efficient portability.

Though the headphones were up at the show, some of the details related to the product weren’t disclosed such as the pricing factor, commercial availability, and the most vital and curious question, how long the rechargeable battery operates?

Moreover, Blue is also in plans to reveal its two upcoming wired headphones named Ella planar magnetic and Sadie.
So friends, do let us know your thoughts on the new headphones.

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