Yuzvendra Chahal's wife Dhanashree drops the "Chahal" from her name, and the cricketer posts a mysterious message.

After being booted out of India’s T20I World Cup squad last year, spin wizard Yuzvendra Chahal struggled to get where he is now and has since confounded his supporters with a mysterious remark on social media.

Immediately after his wife Dhanashree removed the Chahal suffix from her last name on Instagram, Yuzvendra posted something incredibly mysterious on his own account. After the name drop, it was assumed that Dhanashree and the 32-year-old cricketer were no longer together, but after Yuzvendra tweeted a post with the caption “New life loading,” it has since been a hotly debated subject.

They have not provided any other information. While some of his followers speculate that a child may be on board, others believe that he is likely moving on because Dhanashree Chahal is now Dhanashree Verma on her Instagram.

However, dropping surnames is nothing new; Priyanka Chopra also did it on her Instagram, which generated a lot of buzz.

Even though there is no rule, it is frequently assumed that the wife must and will continue to use her husband’s last name after marriage.

In August of last year, when Chahal was taking dance lessons from Dhanashree, the couple became engaged. Dhanashree had stated in an interview that their connection “started off as a student-teacher relationship in April. He was aware of my work and had seen my dance videos on YouTube. Yuzi made the decision to pick up a few new skills, including dancing, during the lockdown. He then contacted me, and we began our classes. We gradually grew close and experienced a connection.

The cricketer is now preparing for his appearance in the Asia Cup 2022, which will take place at the Dubai International Stadium and feature India opening against Pakistan.

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